Smash Or Pass Casting Application

If You Want To Be a Contestant On The “Smash Or Pass Game Show” Fill in The Information Below

Now Casting “ALL” Amateur and Professional Female and Male Contestants For the “Smash Or Pass Game Show”

Note: You do not have to be a porn star or have any porn experience

The Game Show is similar to the Dating Game but instead of going on a date the winner will get to really “SMASH” the contestant on Live Stream right after the show.

Rules How The Game is Played:

1(one) Female contestant will ask 3(three) male contestants a vary of questions until the time runs out. She will not see or get to meet them before the show so she will not know what they look like or who they are and they will not know what she looks like or who she is.

When the time runs out she will have to choose 1(one) of the 3(three) contestants to “Smash” on a Live Stream

The 2(two) male contestants she did not pick will come out one by one to meet her

Female contestant now has the option to Smash the contestant she chose first (she still do not know what he looks like and haven’t met him yet) Or Pass and choose one of the 2(two) male contestants that came out to meet her.

Fill out The Application Below If You Think Your Ready

  • You have to be over 18 and bring a valid photo ID
  • Yes Your face will be shown
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      Once selected, you must be available for 1 day of filming.
      Prior to filming, you will need to be available for skype, audition, scouting, emails, telephone conversations, consultation and sign-off meetings.
      You will receive advance notice of filming dates in order to arrange time off work.
      Flexibility and availability is key when it comes to scheduling.

    Please upload 4 recent profile pictures- Full body nude, front, back, side, and head shot (required)

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